Thursday, December 22, 2011

Street Art

I've recently become interested in Street Art specifically Wheat Pasting.  For those that don't know that's where you draw or paint usually on thin paper at your home or studio then take it to the site and paste it to the surface with a 50/50 mixture of wheat and water.  One of my favorite Wheat Pasting artist is Swoon.  

She has a very recognizable style.  I'm partial to her newspaper work because I used to paint on it but instead of pasting mine to a wall I mounted mine on Masonite panels and instead of wheat paste I used acrylic gloss medium.  I like when the print shows through the work.

I would love to try this sometime for the exposure but would probably be too nervous of getting caught unless I had permission to do so.  It's kind of a shame though the closest thing to street art here is "F**k You" spray painted ever once and awhile under the bridge or on some abandond building.  It's a small southern town and pretty closed minded.  I don't know what the law is here covering graffiti but as backward as this place I wouldn't be surprised if it was the electric chair or public hanging.

I would be interested in hearing your story if your from a small town and are a street artist.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Merry Artmas

Today is my day off and I sit here wondering what to paint or draw.  The local quarterly Art Walk was the beginning of this month and was kind of a bust in my opinion.  It's not so much that I didn't make a sale but that the Christmas Art Walks are usually the busiest and it was one of the worst turnouts I remember seeing.  We had a record amount of artists showing just not that many people coming in to look.  Anyway, I did get a couple of invitations to show my work at other businesses.  One of them I will not have the time to do and the other I need to check out before I make any decisions.

Update (a few days later)....things have come to light since I started this.  The other contact seems to be somewhat unstable so I wont be messing with it.  Artists are known for being crazy but in my experience people wanting to represent artist are just as crazy if not more so.  Oh well, other opportunities will come.  

Merry Christmas.