Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alex Schaefer's "Bank on Fire" Paintings.

Alex Schaefer's bank on fire work heats up art world

I'm really excited for this guy and like the meaning behind his paintings.  I'm not familar with him except for what I've learned from this article but from what I gather he's planning on doing a lot more of the burnning paintings.  I hope he means a series of them and not to just paint banks and other buildings on fire for the rest of his career.  It's sad when an artist finds something that's popular and sticks with it for the sake of sales instead of experimenting, trying new things, and moving on.

I like his work.  He doesn't get bogged down with too much detail and uses what looks like the perfect amount of texture.

I look forward to seeing what this artist paints in the future.  Best of luck Alex Schaefer.

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