Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm Lazy!!!

  I sit and stare at my latest painting I'm working on and consider starting two new ones and reworking an old one before finishing this one.  Am I spreading myself too thin?  Thinking about doing one using pretty much anything I can find except a brush.  Might get some interesting texture and color.  

  The old one I'm thinking about giving another once over to is about 3 years old .  Not too long after I did it I started hating it but not enough to trash it or go over it.  Since then I've seen potential in it and want to change some things.  Not sure what yet but we'll see where I go with it.  This is it to the right.  I'm thinking about giving it a whole new color scheme and softening the lines.  I'll post a new pic of it on here when it's done.

The one to the left is another one I'm considering reworking.  This one is three years old as well.

The quarterly Art Walk is 15 days away.  It's usually in this time that I get up off my butt and really paint.  I don't know why.  Even though I hate being rushed I seem to wait until my deadlines to finish a lot of my paintings.  Maybe I secretly like to rush.  I wouldn't think so, I'm kinda lazy.

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