Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oils Again?

My favorite living artist/author is Clive Barker and I've been on a real kick with him lately, reading his books (again), watching videos of him painting, interviews with him, and looking at his artwork 24/7.  He is amazing.  I've liked him since the 80's and every time I go through one of these phases I try oils again because of what he can do with them.  I don't see how he gets the effects he does and I can't seem to get them with acrylics either.  His output is astounding.  Last time I tried them was almost two years ago.  I did 4 large works in oils and on the last one swore I would never try them again and went back to acrylics.  So, here I am about to do it again.  I'm probably being a fool but I'm going on this adventure yet again.  I hope that this time will be more fruitful.  Wish me luck.

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